About Us

What We’re About

At Simpli Hearing, we are proudly committed to providing the members of various health insurance systems, private organizations and companies with affordable hearing care options. We develop and manage hearing aid benefit programs as well as establish and maintain a reliable network of quality audiologists, allowing us to meet all hearing needs.

With Simpli Hearing, you will find plans and pricing for optional hearing care that are a cut above what the current third-party marketing firms and retail outlets have to offer.

What can Simpli Hearing do for me?

We develop and manage hearing aid benefit programs for health insurance systems, private organizations, and companies. Our programs provide significant hearing aid discounts for both Audiologists and insurance members as compared to the current 3rd party marketing firms and retail outlets.

Why use us?

Our program is much different (simpler) than what is currently being used in the marketplace today. We utilize only Audiologists in our network. We help link our audiology partners to insurance members. Both Audiologists and members quickly see the value in our unique program making it a win/win for everyone. Each program can be custom made to maximize the value for both Audiologists and insurance members.

Developed and managed in Wisconsin

We are a Wisconsin based company supporting local Audiology providers who take care of our neighbors, friends and family. Our program allows for easy patient office flow and favorable reimbursement rates for our Audiology partners. Patients purchase hearing aids directly from the participating audiologist at pre-set prices. Program members are not subjected to a 3rd party billing service or payment processor. It is that Simple. This is the first program that both patients and providers love. All developed and managed in Wisconsin.

Make the simple choice. Contact us today to get started on your customized hearing care plan today.